Our Rooms

There are one or two person rooms and multiple rooms in our hotel according to different needs. You can choose a room of the desired size and comfort level according to your accommodation preferences. Our rooms offer the necessary equipment to meet your basic needs, such as a comfortable bed, a work desk and a private bathroom.


A double hotel room is an excellent option for accommodation and relaxation. This room has a comfortable bed, a separate double bed, a clean bathroom and a relaxing atmosphere. Jul. Ideal for a stay for two, this room offers a comfortable sleep and a relaxing experience. The decoration of the room is modern and stylish and designed to meet the needs of the guests. Here you can relieve the fatigue of the day, have a pleasant time with your loved ones and accumulate unforgettable memories. The double hotel room has everything you need for your comfort and convenience.


Single rooms at the hotel are an ideal option for guests traveling alone. These rooms have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable and comfortable stay. The room usually has items to meet basic needs, such as a single bed, a work desk, a TV and a mini-refrigerator. In addition, a beautiful decoration is preferred so that guests can relax comfortably. The bathroom located in the room is equipped to meet the requirements. Privacy and tranquility are kept at the forefront in single rooms, while at the same time it is possible to use other facilities in the hotel. These rooms are an ideal option for a comfortable accommodation experience.

This local hotel room is designed for three people and offers many amenities such as a desk, bathroom, telephone, air conditioning to provide a comfortable stay. There is almost everything you may need in the room. A table is provided for a comfortable work or relaxation area, while the bathroom is also equipped so that you can meet your personal hygiene needs. The telephone service makes it easier for you to communicate, while the air conditioner also allows you to adjust the temperature of the room. This local hotel room has been designed to meet the comfort and needs of its guests at the highest level.


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